Associations and Non Profits

Associations and Non Profits

Strategic Planning

Kensington assisted The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in creating a mission focused, results oriented strategic plan to unify nation-wide fundraising and program services in 50 state chapters.  The resulting planning and consensus building process along with a follow up effort four years later led to significant growth in national fundraising, renaming of the organization to serve a wider range of people impacted by blood related cancers, and organizational changes to better cover various markets across the country.

 “Rick Goldstein and his team challenged us to think and plan with a disciplined focus on strategic results, and the most promising strategies to achieve them.  Their approach enabled us to win the support of volunteer and staff leaders throughout our organization, and the understanding, enthusiasm, and unified efforts of our leadership team are proving essential to successful execution of our plan.”  Dwayne Howell, President & CEO (retired), The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society


U.S. Travel had long been an association focused on travel industry marketing efforts. A Kensington supported strategic planning engagement produced consensus on the Board to refocus the organization on public policy and advocacy to address serious industry threats following 9/11, with greater involvement of company CEOs and business leaders.  U.S. Travel subsequently achieved major policy wins to attract government financial, policy and organizational support.

 Rick quickly researched the organization, synthesized potential opportunities, framed the hurdles, and focused us on the long-term potential.                 Roger Dow, President and CEO, U.S. Travel Association



The American Diabetes Association ADA consisted of 52 separately incorporated affiliates. While they operated under one name, overall coordination efforts were challenging, and too much time and resources inevitably were devoted to internal organizational matters. After guiding an effort to produce a consensual, nation-wide strategic plan for ADA, Kensington facilitated a transformational process that resulted in combining all ADA state organizations with the national organization into a single corporation, unified body with one board and staff structure. This unprecedented change has helped ADA springboard its impact, more than doubling revenues to support a wide range of research and program services.


ASAE had undergone a merger that created a complex governance structure, with two (large) boards that directors felt were not positioned to add value. As the membership group for association executives, there was strong desire to implement a best practice governance model and correct problems. Rick guided the process, which resulted in today’s streamlined, highly effective board.

They do not come in with a pre-set agenda and process.  Rick works with the leadership to develop a tailor-made approach that meets the needs of the organization.”  John Graham, President & CEO, American Society of Association Executives and formerly President & CEO, American Diabetes Association