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Example of Projects *

Project Objectives Results
Organization Design and Alignment Address and resolve problems caused by inconsistencies in the global organizational structure Aligned global field structure around the customer, optimizing regional independence and centralized control to balance financial efficiency with regional autonomy needed to achieve revenue and growth goals
Organization Design and Alignment Reduce rising organization overhead costs by developing optimal organization model for Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Product Development COO saw improved accountabilities, streamlined decision making and increased empowerment; merger took place shortly after project conclusion
Organization Alignment Speed consolidation of major business units under new organizational structure Offsite event with 1000 global leaders and follow up initiatives kicked off implementation of significant organizational change
Organization Alignment Implement and refine the Human Resources organization design to create clarity and buy-in on generalist and specialists roles Agreement on documented set of accountabilities and decision making role among top HR leadership which were implemented across the company
Organization Alignment Deploy the CEO’s new global business strategy and accelerate the strategic alignment of a newly merged set of businesses into a high performing corporate group Offsite event with 350 senior global leaders and related follow up initiatives served as a catalyst for significant organizational change and strategic alignment
Process Improvement Revamp the R&D investment process to resolve problems caused by frequent changes in product development plans and budgets Successful implementation of a cross functional restructuring of product planning process to optimize company R&D spending
Organization Design:         Call Center Determine optimal sales support model Reduced sales overhead costs by identifying redundant roles and making needed changes
Leadership Development Develop companywide leadership talent across all functions and regions Develop & implemented 360 assessment and executive education programs for emerging and senior leaders
* Projects include examples drawn from IBM, Nextel, Invensys and Ciena