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If you’re like many of our clients, you’ve probably experienced the frustration of internal struggles in your organization that get in the way of achieving strategic initiatives.  Turf issues, unclear decision making authority, inconsistent communication, lack of consensus,, silos, competing agendas and objectives and resistance to change can all hinder strategy implementation.  The culprits are well known. However, what’s less well understood relatively simple solutions that leading companies are taking to address them.


Ultimately, the success of your company depends upon your ability to satisfy your customers by making sure that all the components of your organization are working together with a shared sense of purpose. Kensington Consulting Group, Inc. has advised leading Fortune 500 and private companies on how to avoid the pitfalls that often occur when high-level strategic initiatives are implemented company-wide.  We find that this is a particular challenge for most organizations, since strategies must often be implemented through highly matrixed organizational structures across multiple business units and locations.


We assist our clients in taking a systematic, structured approach to improving execution through process reengineering, consolidation of shared services, speeding up new product introductions and integrating acquisitions. Our consulting projects have resulted measurable benefits including millions of dollars of cost savings, reduced time to market on new products, hitting pro forma estimates on acquisitions.  These results have enabled our clients to ensure that the time and effort invested in the development of strategic initiatives and organizational change efforts pays off.


In looking back at the many satisfied clients who have relied on Kensington, we have developed a profile of the individual who is most likely to be highly successful using our Strategy Engagement Process:

  • You are a senior executive responsible for a business unit or function or a key influencer in your organization
  • Although your organization is successful, you perceive a gap between its current level of performance and its true potential. You seek ways to take results to the next level
  • You are concerned that too often staff are getting bogged down in internally driven issues, politics and concerns which limit their ability to fully execute strategies and achieve results
  • You believe there is a need to better align your organization, people, and operational processes with your strategy in order to achieve the level of success you know your organization is capable of
  • While you are appropriately skeptical of change initiatives, you remain convinced that your company can improve in many areas, if only you go about it in a systematic manner

If this profile sounds like you, we encourage you to contact us


Kensington provided assistance to us in setting a long term strategy for our business.  The value has proven itself, as the plan is still effective and in place and we have tripled our business sales over the past four years.   We are thrilled with the work we did with Kensington and are working with them once again, in different areas of our business.”
Mel Strine, Chairman and CEO, SMO Inc. and Dash In Stores