We help clients identify and gain agreement on the key opportunities to improve organizational health and performance. We quickly zero in on the critical issues, identify the solutions, gain leadership consensus and collaborate with clients to implement needed organizational changes that impact results. 


Our consulting services have created solutions enabling industry leading companies and associations to become stronger organizations.  We ensure that the time and effort invested in the development of strategic initiatives and organizational change efforts pay off through successful execution. The services listed summarize the most common areas where we have focused. 


Organization Capabilities: Diagnosing the most critical organizational impediments is a key strength of Kensington, along with providing a set of solutions  that most impact success in the areas of: 

puzzle piecies fitting together

  • Design & Structure
  • Leadership Alignment
  • Culture Change
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Board Governance  



Setting Direction: We combine a focus on content and process.  The major strategy elements including markets, differentiators, economic logic are defined, using a process that leads to consensus among organization leaders on how to focus for maximum success. The key components include:


  • Creating Clear, Shared Vision & Objectives
  • Developing & Articulating Strategy
  • Whole Organization Strategy Alignment 
  • Rapid Results Strategy Implementation
  • Balanced Scorecard & Results Measurement