About Us

Since 1993 Kensington Consulting Group, Inc. has worked with senior leaders of some of the world’s most successful organizations on the challenges of articulating and implementing sound business strategies to achieve desired results.  We have helped clients:

  • Develop clarity and broad consensus on strategy, with comprehensive plans for implementation that engage the entire organization
  • Translate broad strategies into rapid results projects that show quick impact
  • Streamline organization structures and decision making processes, reducing redundancy, lowering costs. increasing speed and empowerment
  • Improve core business processes to achieve immediate and measurable improvements in results

Kensington has served a broad client base, with particular expertise in consumer goods, financial services, homebuilding/real estate, hospitality/travel companies and associations and non-profit organizations. Rick Goldstein, founder and President of Kensington Consulting Group, has assembled a talented network of highly experienced consultants. In addition to their extensive consulting experience, Rick and many on his team have previously held executive positions with major organizations.