Are you facing the challenge of making significant changes in your organization? Since 1993 Kensington Consulting Group, Inc. has worked with senior leaders of some of the world’s most successful companies on the challenges of articulating and implementing sound business strategies to achieve desired results. 

Determining the key issues to tackle first, gaining leadership agreement and then working through the process efficiently….that is how we consistently help clients make a positive impact on their the business. 

We assist our clients in taking a systematic approach to improving organizational capabilities.  We specialize in pinpointing “blind-spots” and opportunities, and then implementing solutions which have consistently improved results for our clients for more than 25 years.

Satisfied clients who have relied on Kensington refer most new clients to us. We specialize in assisting:

  • CEOs, Presidents, senior executives and Board members who perceive a need to make fundamental changes to achieve key goals
  • And who seek a trustworthy, experienced and proven firm who can help make the difference by collaborating and complementing the existing team, at a reasonable cost.

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